Teachers’ contracts are almost completely about teaching conditions

Try serving on a school board. It’s an elected position. You’ll learn what teachers’ contracts are for. As President of a school board, I *have* negotiated teachers’ contracts. Benefits and salary are only one or two clauses. The bulk of the contract is about working conditions – hours, summer (unpaid) duties, professional development, classroom supplies, working with trouble kids, ESL, assistants, support and various “teaching team” members, and evaluations. These are all things that affect the teachers’ workdays and nights.

Teachers work extremely long hours in the building (often til 7 or 8) as well as at home. They are expected to work summer development and prep for no pay. They care about their students tremendously, or they wouldn’t have taken a 70-hr a week job for modest pay.

You want to have teachers who don’t give a shick, rush out of the building at days’ end, teach to the test only and remain detached from the children? Treat them like peons instead of adults that you negotiate with.

Walker is lying if he says this is “for the children.” Children will only be hurt by this new approach to teachers as salesclerks, simply delivering a product. It is simply a plan by the GOPlutocarts to defund the union because of politics. They want to get rid of public unions, because public unions support the Democrats.

This attack is only possible because so few citizens are actually involved with school boards – or with anything other than showing up for parent-teacher or PTO meetings. Actually, most of them don’t show up for those. If citizens knew the amount of work teachers do, and the care and devotion they show in their labors, they would never support this argument.

This is the result of Americans being taught to think of themselves as “consumers” rather than citizens. They think of government – and all public services – products they purchase, rather than actions for which they are responsible.

It’s the horrid mercantilism of life.

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