The Kochs’ Parallel Primary for the GOP Nomination

Good news! The 2012 Republican nominee certainly appears to be a loser, no matter who it is. Palin? Romney? Huckabee? Gingrich? Bachmann? Pawlenty? None of them could win against Obama. The field is so lackluster that the “Reagan Centennial GOP Presidential Primary Candidates Debate” – the first of the electoral season – has been moved from May 2 to Sept. 14, 2012. (“to accommodate candidates’ announcement schedules.”) It’s enough to lull a good Democrat into complacency – which is, perhaps, exactly what the GOP intends.

The conventional wisdom is that the GOP voters will chose from that lackluster field. In primaries that will start on February 6, 2012, in Iowa. However, the truth may be very different: the GOP primary is *already occurring.*. It’s been running since January 1. The GOP governors are in their “Celebrity Apprentice” tryouts for the Kochs and the Rove cabals. It’s a criminal conspiracy, as well as a strategy, which is why you haven’t heard about it.

Each GOP governor with the ambition of becoming President of the United States has been given a challenge, which is also their opportunity. All they have to do is demonstrate to the Kochs that it is he or she is the person will be the best at completing the Conservative takeover of the United States of America. They do this by showing their prowess at accomplishing several tasks:1.) Destroying the public unions that support Obama 2.) Privatizing most government functions, especially education 3.) Eliminating as many traditional Democratic centers of power as possible – from the lowliest civil-service commission, to the largest in-state organization.

The Kochs will decide who does the best job, and throw all of their financial and organizational support behind that candidate. The winner will get the full might of the estimated $900 million dollars that will be raised in 504(c)3 money. They will get the mighty Koch organization chart, from Americans For Prosperity and Freedomworks, to the lowliest Tea Partier. They will get the media spotlight that only a fawning Fox News, complemented by Breitbart and Conservative bloggers and columnists, can lavish. They will be lauded on every Sunday morning show as a cross between George Washington and Ronald Reagan.
We’ve already seen the results of the governors’ progress on these “assignments,” in every one of their 34 states. Walker, Snyder, Perry, Christie, Kasich, Daniels, Brewer, Scott, LePage, Deal, Haslam – they are all ramming through legislation designed to achieve these three goals. What is most striking is that their proposals are essentially the same, even as they are individually finessed for each state – almost identical legislation and agendas, as if they were all coordinated.

No amount of prior research could have uncovered or shown that these guys and gals were going down this route. Their new political positions and tactics are a complete surprise to their state’s voters. Read the Letters to the Editors of local papers in these states. The shock of the citizens is revealed: “This is not what this candidate ran on! We were hoodwinked! There was nothing like this in his platform!” Many of them are being accused of staging coup d’états. The approval ratings of some of these governors have flipped as much as 20 percentage points since January – but these guys don’t seem to care at all. Why should they? They aren’t running for the public’s approval. *They are running for the Kochs’ approval.*

Each candidate campaigned for months, if not years, on detailed platforms that that were nothing akin to what they are actually doing now. These governors either deceived the voters by not being honest about what they intended, in state after state – or they conspired together after the election.

It would be a conspiracy entered into after the 2010 elections, but which was begun up to two years prior. It is funded by Koch money, and organized by the Koch front groups Americans for Prosperity and ALEC. We *do* know the date that the plot would have been finalized: Nov. 4, 2010, at a meeting of conservative leaders held at the home of Brent Bozell, President of the Far Right organization, Media Research Center. Joining Bozell at his mountain retreat in Stanley, Va. that day were Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council; Tim Phillips, president of Americans for Prosperity, one of the most active conservative groups of 2010 election cycle; Becky Norton Dunlop, vice president at the Heritage Foundation; Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Policy; Al Regnery, publisher of the American Spectator magazine; and Leonard Leo, executive vice president of The Federalist Society.

This was essentially a board meeting of the heads of Koch-funded Conservative groups. The Heritage Foundation and Americans for Progress are two of the largest recipients of Koch largesse, receiving $5.6 million and $4.1 million, respectively, in 2010. The Federalist Society received $2 million. Even The American Spectator receives a grant from the Kochs. The Media Research Center itself receives large grants from three Koch-controlled Foundations .

One of the main reasons that the group met was to identify “some of the rising-star candidates” who had the best chance to defeat President Obama. As an article about it said at the time , “To pass muster among members of this group, the activist who outlined the meeting’s agenda said, potential 2012 candidates will have to be ‘full-throttle, across-the-board conservatives.’ ” This “challenge to the governors” appears to have been the mechanism they settled upon.

The challenge would have been presented to the Republican Governors and Governors-Elect at the Republican Governors Association, which took place two weeks after the elections and the Bozell meeting, on November, 16-19, 2010. All 34 Republican Governors and Governors-elect attended this huge event, which drew lobbyists and advocacy groups from across the nation to sunny San Diego. The Koch Brothers PAC had given $1 million to the RGA last year; they probably even had a Hospitality Suite at the event.

Let’s say that all of them were invited to a private meeting. After the doors were closed, perhaps it was Tim Phillips, President of AFP, who spoke:

“The next President of the United States is sitting in this very room. Look around – one of you will take the Oath of Office on Jan 21, 2013. One of you will prove that he or she is confident enough, is committed enough, is determined enough to accomplish what we all know must be done in order to guarantee the ascendancy of Republican policies for foreseeable generations.

“We must eliminate the government entitlement programs of the New Deal and the Great Society, the ones that have pulled trillions of dollars out of private hands and put their control into the hands of government. We must put private interests back in charge of all the public assets that have been accumulated since the establishment of National Parks. It is the weakened Democratic Party that is the last barrier to the accomplishment of this dream, one that we have all been pursuing.

“Prove to us that *you* are the person who can finally accomplish the task that we have all been since the inauguration of Ronald Reagan. Destroy the power of Democratic Party in your state. Get rid of the public unions, where the last of the Democrats’ organizing power lies. Privatize as much of your state’s functions as possible, especially education. Give, lease or cheaply sell state responsibilities and assets to private corporations. Steamroll over the opposition; shock the populace. Do whatever it takes, legally or otherwise. What counts is results. Show us what you can do. ”

“The governor that does the best job of accomplishing the goals we’ve outlined gets our complete support for GOP candidate for President in 2012. We will throw all our organizations, money and power behind you. We will create a juggernaut that will steamroll you into the Oval Office. Just prove to us that you are that man.”

The governors were all given what was essentially their assignment “packet”. This probably included both their assignments, as well as information on the support network that they could count upon. Their assigned tasks are well-known by now:

1. The most important order of business is to immediately destroy the public unions in his or her state. These unions *must* be eliminated before the 2012 election cycle, because they are the Democrats’ big source of donations and volunteer workers, and they are the Democrat’s sole competition to AFP, the US Chamber of Commerce and Conservative 527s and 504(c)3s.

2. Privatize as many state functions as possible. Tax money should removed from civil-service controlled agencies, and funneled to GOP-connected private enterprises. Tax money then becomes a guaranteed source of personal enrichment for Conservatives – enabling them to make more “donations” to the GOP, revenue both for our people personally, and, thus, for the Party as a whole. The lucrative education sector is especially crucial for takeover. It’s a captive $600 billion market every year, money which to required of all the homeowners across the nation by virtue of their states’ constitutions. GOP business interests want that money for their own.

3. Eradicate the Democratic infrastructure in his or her state. Abolish as many democratically-elected oversight committees, civil-service jobs or agencies as possible. Weaken regulatory agencies. Eliminate the public’s ability to influence government decisions. Eliminate them by fiat or Executive decision.

This packet obviously included model legislation drafted by ALEC. We have already detected ALEC’s legislative DNA in all of the anti-union legislation that has been introduced in various state legislatures. They would also have been given support from ALEC’s teams of lawyers, who could help them craft bills that would be specific to their specific state.

The governors were also told that they could expect unlimited organizational support from AFP to accomplish these goals – advertising campaigns and boots on the ground. AFP has acknowledged that it has been working with the governors, state officials, and right-wing activists in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. AFP bussed in “supporters” from out of state to stage counter-rallies at the Wisconsin State House, for instance. Tim Phillips revealed in a New York Times interview that executives with the Koch-backed group worked behind the scenes to encourage a union showdown, even before the new Republican governor was sworn in last month.” Phillips also said that AFP was working with state officials and right-wing activists in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania to curtail public employee benefits or union rights.

Finally, the governors were probably told that they only have a limited amount of time
to impress the Kochs. The competition would have to begin on January 1st, when the new terms began, and would run for a set period of time – perhaps till the Fourth of July. (This would give the AFP and media wizards time to prepare the candidate roll-out after Labor Day.) This deadline would explain why the governors come out of the starting gate running hard and fast. If they were interested in competing, he or she would have begun drafting legislation as quickly as possible, so that the bills could be submitted as soon as they were sworn in. For instance, Walker’s budget bill was introduced on Feb, 11 and ran to 114 pages. It was obviously being prepared long before the governor-elect was sworn in and certainly before he found out about the extent of Wisconsin’s “budget crisis,” the ostensible reason for its draconian cuts.

This is an ideal strategy for the GOP. They play “rope-a-dope” with the easily-distracted press and the Democrats for half a year, keeping them excited and concentrated on losers like Palin and Bachmann. Then they can burst out with the new Leader of the Pack, someone who is supposed to generate enormous excitement. This is actually one of the scenarios that Matthew Dowd, the GOP consultant, identified in his Mar. 31 National Journal article, “Can Obama Lose?”: “a Republican nominee has to emerge who is charismatic; is a very good communicator; is in touch with the country’s economic and social needs; and is a new brand of GOP leader whom many younger voters can connect with.” The governor who wins the Koch contest, be he Christie, Walker, Snyder or Scott, will be packaged and thunderously sold as the hero candidate, the one who can return “morning to America”. Now we see the reason behind moving the “Reagan Centennial GOP Presidential Primary Debate” to the fall of 2012; the Republican Nominee won’t have been chosen by the Koch organization until sometime late this fall, and needs that additional time to be transformed into the “New Reagan.”

Of course, as great for the GOP as this strategy is, there is one major problem with it: it is illegal. It constitutes bribery and misprision of a felony. Every governor who has advanced ALEC-based legislation with the hope of receiving some benefit is liable for impeachment under his state’s constitution. The meetings of the governors, the ALEC and AFP junkets, every time that legislation and campaign strategy were discussed simultaneously – all of these meetings violated Open Meeting Laws and are criminal actions.

That is why this collusion must be kept as secret as possible. It is also why every avenue that might lead back to the originating event has to be sealed as rapidly as possible. All that would be needed to reveal the plot is one leaker, one person who is willing, or who is compelled, to testify under oath. The whole criminal conspiracy to seize the public’s assets for private enrichment will be revealed.

This premise of this Koch Brothers’ “challenge” to the GOP governors is pure speculation on my part. But everything that has occurred in domestic politics since January – everything that has seemed mystifying or perplexing – is understood perfectly if this thesis is considered as accurate.

For instance:
We all know what a very peculiar reaction to “David Koch” Scott Walker had on the famous prank phone call Walker may not have recognized “Koch’s” voice, but he did understand that this was a man he needed to impress. Walker sounded just like a job applicant, or a junior executive giving his boss an update on a job assignment. He reported diligently on the attack

We can see also see evidence of their attempts to erase or distract from any connections that might lead back to the original plan.

For instance:
The rushed Committee vote on the Walker budget bill was done in such panicky haste that it wasn’t even legal under Wisconsin’s Sunshine Law. Why did they feel compelled do it in such a big cocked-up rush? Look at the timeline: Fitzgerald had just appeared on Megyn Kelly’s show on Fox that afternoon, and said: 1.) that the reason for the bill *was* to break the union, not to balance the budget; 2.) that the reason they wanted to break the union was to hurt Obama’s re-election chances in Wisconsin. Immediately after that interview aired, the Special Committee meeting was hastily called. Why? First of all, there was no reason to keep the sham up any longer. Once the public got word that it was nothing but union-busting, the top would blow off the Capitol.

But most importantly, they had to distract everyone in the country and the media from the greater cabal that had been revealed: that Wisconsin’s budget bill was only *one part a country-wide strategy* to destroy public unions. The plot was to destroy the army of campaign foot-soldiers that Obama had counted on for GOTV in 2008, and that had put him over the top. But a country-wide plot means organization and origination. Who was coordinating the conspiracy? That’s the one question that the Kochs cannot afford to have asked. Thus, there had to be an immediate distraction to steer the press away from asking that question. The Committee vote provided that. Examination of the collusion that Fitzgerald revealed has never occurred.

Another instance: the Mackinac Center’s FOIA requests on Professor Cronon. What raised the Center’s curiosity in Prof. Cronon to begin with? How did they stumble upon his little blog? It’s not like he was advertising it. He’s well-known in the academic historian’s world, but not outside of that. He’s not a prominent political figure. So how did they even find the blog post to begin with – and only two days after it was posted?

Mackinac Center’s interest in Cronon’s blog post, and in his possible correspondents, makes little sense unless you realize that his post was detailed about ALEC and its model legislation. Did he trip some sort of early-warning signal for them, a “Paranoia Meter”-like program such as the one HPGary has created for the Department of Defense? Were they just doing a blanket search for all references to ALEC? Since ALEC has previously been under the radar, and is completely central to this possible conspiracy, Koch forces are working hard to keep track of references and revelations about it. Republican Representatives who are questioned about their connection to the group respond defensively, with accusations of McCarthyism when citizens question their connections.

The FOIA requests for Cronon’s correspondents are more than just a fishing expedition. They are nervous about leaks; they just cannot believe that this history professor would have found ALEC all by himself. How did Cronon get his information? Did it come from someone who had knowledge of whatever offer was made to the Governors? Finding that out is the entire reason for the FOIA requests. If there is the possibility of a leaker, that person must be discovered and silenced.

Now we can look back and see how all the pieces of the Republican strategy fall into place.. Because of the success of the Tea Party, Haley Barbour had been predicting, from Feb 2010, that the GOP could win a crucial number of statehouses. Those wins were being forecast as the key to Republican dominance over national politics for decades to come. The Kochs, Scaifes, and other treasonous billionaires, with no allegiance but to great wealth,are using the states as the laboratories to produce both an systematic approach, and a candidate, who will finally finish their long coup d’etat.

Imagine an evil cabal of incredibly wealthy men, who decided thirty years ago that there was too much wealth held not just by the middle class, but in the assets of the Federal Government. They systematically plotted to take over the entire political system of United States, and steer all of the taxes collected into their pockets. As the years progressed, and their propaganda was successful, they were increasingly able to corrupt legislators into privatizing all government functions and assets, such as the Social Security Trust Fund, the American military, and public lands.

For thirty years, the Kochs have been part of a criminal conspiracy to loot the people of the United States of their commonly-held Federal assets. They are close to its completion – but they need to find the guy who can finish the takeover for them. The candidate who does the best job of accomplishing a similar looting on the state level wins the nod. There will be no countervailing force. Whatever Governor wins the Koch Brothers’ vote will be propelled into the nomination. He may very well be swept into the Presidency.

Yes. This is a conspiracy theory. But is it any more unlikely than what we have seen this year? What we see before us is the plot to deliver the coup de grace to American Democracy. The Governor that wins the Presidency in 2012 will have been selected to perform the final conversion: to do to entire nation what he or she did to their state: run it like FitzWalkerstan.

We can still prevent it. We still have time to use FOIA to our advantage. We can FOIA every governors’ office, all of their emails, for any reference to ALEC, to Americans for Prosperity, for the 2012 nomination for President, for the Republicans Governors’ Association, for public unions, and to legislative references, for a start .

We can file lawsuits against the governors and the Koch front groups for violation of Open Meetings Act, for collusion, for conspiracy to defraud the citizens of the states they represent. We can subpoena witnesses and compel them to testify under oath or file affidavits. We can force people to testify under oath and in affidavits, If these governors are performing these actions in expectation of receiving some benefit, they are all liable for impeachment. We can pressure our state legislatures to investigate. These actions, begun in state after state on a national basis, would enable us to use whatever legal power we still possess to fight back.

By coordinating our research and our actions, and by organizing all of our various advocacy and interest groups on a state and national basis, we can stop them. We can learn to resist the “bright shiny objects” that are dangled in front of us by the Republican propaganda arm of Fox News, such as Sarah Palin or Donald Trump; those only sap our energy and time. We can bring forth the truth about the Koch plot to seize America from its citizens. We can raise tremendous scandal for the national GOP this year, and throw them back on their pins before the 2012 election.

We will defeat these traitors, if we stay on target.

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